All names are from Social Security card applications for births in the United States after 1879 and were acquired from the U.S. Social Security Popular Baby Names index. Data is from a 100% sample of Social Security card applications as of the end of February 2013.

This data isn't the purest

  1. Many people born before 1937 aren't included. Either they didn't apply for a Social Security card or forgot to say where they were born.
  2. There might be mistakes. Since name data are not edited, the gender associated with a name may be incorrect. For instance, your beautiful daughter Fred. Names such as "Unknown" and "Baby" might be in the list too.
  3. 1 letter names aren't included. Neither are people who forgot to include the year of birth, gender, or state of birth (50 States and District of Columbia).
  4. Sometimes Jamie is a boy. Sometimes a girl. Names are ranked by gender, so a female Jamie will have a different rank than a male Jamie.
  5. Mike is different than Michael. Different spellings of similar names count as different names and each has its own rank.
  6. Ties are broken alphabetically. If Janice and Susan have the same number of births, Susan will be ranked below Janice because "J" comes before "S" in the alphabet.